Confetti Alternatives

Confetti Alternatives

We love weddings and one of our favourite parts of the day is the waving off from the ceremony, throwing confetti on the newlyweds.

Confetti often gets overlooked in the planning or is seen as old fashioned but it is making a comeback. Whilst the traditional paper variety may not be welcome at some venues, there are some great alternatives that you could consider.

Here are our favourites:


A twist on traditional confetti, how about throwing a little bit of glitter and sparkle with cute foil hearts (or hundreds of other shapes)




Paper Planes

One of the funniest ideas, sure to amuse both old and young is to go old school with paper planes.

Handy for cleaning up afterwards, you could even write a message on them for your guests.





Who can resist the fun of blowing bubbles! Just a word of warning though – bubble liquid stains delicates so keep a safe distance from the over-enthusiastic guests.




Perfect if you don’t want to make to much of a mess why not have a balloon exit – just make sure you have your balloons filled with helium so they float.





Twirling Ribbons

Get your guests to wave their happiness for the married couple with pretty ribbon wands




Tinkling Bells

Probably the cutest of all the confetti alternatives, imagine the chimes of tiny tinkling bells to ring in the newly weds




Lavender Confetti

For more natural confetti alternatives lavender seeds top the list. Not only eco-friendly, it smells great too! It blows away in the wind, leaving no mess.




Not only eco friendly, but wildlife friendly, congratulate the love birds by tossing bird seed.






Golden Leaves

Leaves, who would have thought it!? Eco friendly and free! Great idea for an Autumn wedding.