Hot wedding colours for 2018

We loved reading this article in The Knot, so wanted to share it with you…What fantastic colour combos.

Vintage Wedding Color Palettes We Love

Check out the hottest vintage wedding color combos that we’re obsessed with right now.
by Vi-An Nguyen
  1. Bronze + Forest Green + Black

    Good for: Vintage winter weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Winter colors can be more than just red and green. Try this grown-up version with rich bronze, deep forest green and chic black for a formal look that’s anything but Christmas-y.

    Clockwise from top left: Next Exit Photography, Freed Photography, Michael Oppenheim Photography, Kristen Taylor Photography, Antonis Achilleos, Bella Grace Studios, Allan Zepeda Photography, Paige Elizabeth Photography, Images By Berit, Angela Stott Photography, Todd France Photography

  2. Mint + Seafoam Green + Salmon Pink

    Good for: Vintage backyard weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Keep pastel colors from fading away by incorporating texture and pattern. Think: intricate florals, Kraft paper and twine twine and antique typography.

    Clockwise from top left: The Schultzes, Jasmine Star Photography, Orange Passion Photography, Julia Newman Photography, Clayton Austin, Andrea Polito Photography, Kamp Photography

  3. Rust + Copper + Aqua

    Good for: Vintage fall weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Prevent rust and copper details from looking muddy by mixing in a bright, fresh color like aqua.

    Clockwise from top left: Kamp Photography, Aruna B. Photography, Our Labor of Love, Mary Ellen Bartley, Kristen Edwards Photography, Flory Photo, Verité Boutique Photograhers, The Nichols, SMS Photography

  4. Wine + Mauve + Blush

    Good for: Vintage garden weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Dress up this feminine color palette with crystal or pearl details, or dress it down with rustic fabrics like burlap and faded handkerchiefs.

    Clockwise from top left: Marie Labbancz Photography, Antonis Achilleos, Jen Kroll Photography, Leigh Miller Photography, Justin and Mary Marantz, Dan & Anne Almasy, Simon Yao Studio

  5. Orange + Cream + Steel

    Good for: Vintage beach weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Play around with various shades of orange, but keep the look slightly faded to maintain the vintage feel. Use steel accents for contrast.

    Clockwise from top left: Abby Rose Photo, E Photography, The Schultzes, Our Labor of Love, Joanne Bartone Photography, One Thousandwords Photography, Shelby Leigh Photography, Julia Vandenoever Photography, CHRISSY ALBRIGHT Photography

  6. Lilac + Butter Yellow + Mauve

    Good for: Vintage garden weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Soft shades of lilac and buttery yellow will add a subtle romance to your big day, and a rosy mauve will up the sophistication factor. Incorporate floral prints and flower arrangements to capture a garden feel no matter where your wedding takes place.

    Clockwise from top left: Kate Mathis, Harrison Studio, Kella MacPhee Photojournalist, dMdC Photography, Jeremy Lawson Photography, Strut Photography, Ryan Phillips Photography, Love Life Images, Kamp Photography, Camilla Pucholt Photography

  7. Khaki + Blush

    Good for: Romantic, classic weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: It’s hard to beat the softness of blush when your goal is romance, and khaki keeps the pink from seeming too sweet. A few pops of a deeper pink, like fuchsia, in the centerpieces can add depth and sophistication.

    Clockwise from left: HinkleyPhoto, Jessica Johnston Photography, Brett Matthews Photography, Next Exit Photography, Melia Sorenson, Lucida Photography, Ling Photography, Photobolic, Artful Weddings, Antonis Achilleos

  8. Maroon + Apple Green

    Good for: Lush outdoor weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Deep red and bright, crisp green complement each other naturally, but be careful to avoid an unintentional Christmas theme. Choose one as the dominant hue, and use the other as an accent.

    Clockwise from left: Lauren Brooks Photography, Bryan Johnson, Open Light Studio, Antonis Achilleos, Laura Ivanova Photography, Alea Moore Photography, Studio 306 Photography, Mary Basnight Photography, John Arcara Photography, Mark Romine Photography, Ann Hamilton Photographer

  9. Gray + Sage

    Good for: Earthy outdoor weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Pairing mossy green with neutral gray is seriously grown-up and sophisticated. Add touches of silver — in the guys’ ties or the table runners, for example — to give this quiet palette some sparkle.

    Clockwise from left: Davina Palik of Davina+Daniel, Our Labor of Love, Nathaniel Edmunds Photography, Sofia Negron Photography, Cheyenne Schultz Photography, Antonis Achilleos, Courtney Matevey of Green Apple Photo, Delaforce Photographers, Wendy Maclaurin Richardson Photography

  10. Gold + Light Blue

    Good for: Formal daytime weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: These two lights make an unexpected pairing that’s oh-so-chic and totally of-the-moment while still having a vintage vibe. Keep gold accents simple to avoid any hints of gaudiness.

    Clockwise from left: mkPhotography, Shawna Noel Photography, Betsey Holley Photography, Ron B. Wilson Photography, Photography by Verdi, Limelight Photography, Next Exit Photography, Allyson Magda Photography, Freed Photography, Christian Oth Studio

  11. Chocolate + Mocha + Cream

    Good for: Outdoor fall weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Deep and rich, this sumptuous trio works in laid-back settings as well as formal affairs, and what it lacks in brightness it makes up for in sophistication. Layering decor elements — a chocolate tablecloth with a mocha runner topped with cream flowers, for example — will bring out the palette’s complexity.

    Clockwise from left: Love Life Images, KimAnne Photography, Ray Anthony Photography, Jennifer Davis Photography, Gene Higa Photography, Kathy Blanchard Photography, Dreamtime Images, James Christianson, KingenSmith, Katie Moos Photography

  12. Turquoise + Moss + Apricot

    Good for: Rustic outdoor weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Turquoise and moss read totally rustic, but apricot adds a splash of vibrancy and interest. Choose an earthy setting at sunset to show off these hues best.

    Clockwise from left: Angela Stott Photography, Antonis Achilleos, Aaron Lockwood Photography, EyeSpy Photography, Claudia Kronenberg Photography, Cliff Brunk Photography, iKLiKphoto, Andrew McCaul Photography, Kris Drake Photography

  13. Cantaloupe + Honeydew + Pistachio

    Good for: Rustic fall weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: This brighter take on the typical fall colors of red, orange and moss green adds instant energy. Choose neutrals thoughtfully — these colors pair better with natural tans and browns than stark black and white.

    Clockwise from left: Gaston Photography, Weddings by Pamela, Audrey Hannah Photo, Studio Julie, Blue World Studios, Ron B. Wilson Photography, Red Ribbon Studio, Jenica Johnson Photography, Janie Osborne Photography, Blink Photographic

  14. Willow + Powder + Eggshell

    Good for: Bright garden weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Evoke a light spring morning with this lofty-feeling trio. Accent your decor with wooden touches — in the chairs or table numbers, for example — to keep everything looking natural.

    Clockwise from left: Kris Drake Photography, Jayd Gardina Photography, Abby Jiu Photography, Abby Jiu Photography, Antonis Achilleos, K. Holly Photography, Lisa Franchot Photography, Erin Hearts Court, Sarah DiCicco Photography, Emilie Inc.

  15. Midnight + Storm + Vintage Rose

    Good for: Formal vintage weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Vintage affairs don’t have to be casual. Amp up the drama with this deep, old-world-inspired combo that’ll look as great on wedding attire as it will in flowers.

    Clockwise from left: Rachael Grace Photography, Graddy Photography, BKB Photography, Simply Bloom Photography, Judy Eliyas & Studio 925, Luna Photo, Casa de la Vista, Andrea Hallgren Photography, Antonis Achilleos, Kristen Taylor Photography

  16. Beryl + Stone + Honey

    Good for: Laid-back nostalgic weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Send your guests back to the good old days with this thoughtful combo. Vintage furniture, wildflower arrangements and a casual attitude will finish the look.

    Clockwise from left: Crystal Genes Photography, Our Labor of Love

  17. Turquoise + Azure + Peach

    Good for: Relaxed garden weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: We love this combo for its fresh, happy vibe and vintage appeal. Keep floral arrangements loose and natural and choose a laid-back look for you and your guy to make this trio look its best.

    Clockwise from left: Leigh Miller Photography, Orange Turtle Photography, Julia Newman Photography, Rachael Grace Photography, 509 Photo, Tec Petaja, Brandon Kidd Photography, Marie Labbancz Photography, Antonis Achilleos, Karen Cunningham Photography, Jasmine Star Photography

  18. Mint + Rose + Sand

    Good for: Soft garden weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: This combo brings out the refined side of vintage style. Lace accents and formal place settings of polished silver and white dishware will fit right in.

    Photos: Megan Thiele Studios

  19. Light Olive + Tangerine + Aubergine

    Good for: Fall garden weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Rich and earthy, this combo calls for natural decor like piles of pumpkins and squash, wildflower centerpieces and rustic stationery design.

    Photos by: Robert Sukrachand Photography

  20. Navy + Olive + Peach

    Good for: Rustic outdoor weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Choose a woodsy venue and you’ll have the advantage of a space that complements this palette perfectly. For your reception, pitch a tent with open sides for a rain plan that doesn’t block the view.

    Clockwise from left: Orange Passion Photography, Mary Wyar Photography