Wedding seating plan – our handy hints

Wedding seating plan – our handy hints

Organising the wedding seating plan can be a real headache for most brides and grooms. Trying to take into account all the individual requirements of your guests can be quite daunting.

Hopefully, our handy hints will help…

Firstly, decide if you want a seating plan. Not having one, works well for smaller and less formal weddings and buffet receptions. Its nice to allow your guests to sit where they like especially if they all know each other. It does create a relaxed atmosphere and saves you a lot of stress free time.

You could let your guests know  that they may sit wherever they like with a personalised sign saying something like“we’re all family now, please sit yourself”. Think whether this will work for your wedding

If you are having a larger celebration with more guests, a traditional sit down dinner or you want to add formality to your wedding then go for a seating plan.

You can assign tables and seats to your guests, for this you will need a table plan for your guests to look at and place cards on the table. Alternatively you could just assign your guests to tables and allow them to choose their actual seat themselves.

Before you start, find out how many tables you will be having and how many guests they sit.

Try using post-it notes with the guests names on and move them around until you find an arrangement you like. There are plenty of websites where you can obtain a template or indeed do it all online.

Don’t split up couples if you can help it – most guests will prefer to sit with their partner.

Don’t have a singles table or a same sex table.

Mix and match guests but try to put at least a couple of people who know each other on each table

Think about your guests who may need access quickly to the bathroom, guests with small children, pregnant guests or elderly guests.

Think about the top table seating plan. Traditionally this table should seat the bride, groom, the bride and groom’s parents, the best man and the chief bridesmaid. Seating order runs from left to right as: chief bridesmaid; groom’s father; bride’s mother; groom; bride; bride’s father; groom’s mother; best man.

Spending hours staring at your table plan, adding people in and taking people out will make you literally boggle-eyed. Set aside just one evening to do it with your hubby-to-be, and then come back to it the next day with a fresh mind to make minor changes. And then leave it alone.