Wedding Veils

Wedding Veils


Are you planning on wearing a traditional wedding veil?

We thought it might be fun to find out why we wear them. The truth is, it seems no one is entirely sure.

Veils have been around in various different cultures for many many years. They have gone through peaks and troughs of popularity and have taken on many different forms and colours.

We have found some theories on why brides wear them..what do you think, true or not?


 Keeping Evil Spirits away

Wedding veils started in Roman times, when brides were covered from head to toe in a massive red veil called ‘flammeum’. Romans were scared of evil spirits so they thought that making it look like the bride was on fire this would scare the spirits off.


Secret identity

In early weddings when marriages were arranged  through families, with the bride given away in exchange for money and goods. The fathers giving away their daughters wanted to hide their face until the last possible minute, so that a less attractive bride wouldn’t void the agreement.


Runaway bride

Veils and trains were used to weigh down the bride and stop them from running away when they met their new husband for the first time.




Symbol of purity and virginity

Not much more to say on this one 🙂



Gift wrapped

Tradition is that the father of the bride lowers the veil on his daughter’s face, in order to ‘gift’ her to her new husband. Once they’re about to get married, the husband lifts the veil symbolising ownership of his bride.




Love is blind

In the Jewish faith, veils act as a public display that the groom isn’t just marrying his bride because of how she looks.